Understanding Your Skin and What to Address with PRP and the Vampire Facial

Defining the problem in your skin is the first thing we want to address. If you’re someone looking to improve the coloring and complexion of your skin, then the Vampire Facial (using PRP) is a great way to enhance luminescence in the individual cells and to introduce some volume to the skin that can nicely round out hollowed areas. Youthfully appearing skin refers to fuller skin that remains even in texture and tone, supported by permeability so the cells can take up enough nutrients to offer a high level of natural skin resurfacing or cellular turnover.

Qualities of Youthful Skin:

  • Strength and resistance to pollutants and UV rays
  • Ability to retain water
  • Supports healthy circulation
  • Full and volumized
  • Bright and even skin tone
  • Tight skin
  • Smooth skin without wrinkles or crepey areas

As we age, the skin isn’t able to refresh the topmost layer, so it begins to appear muted, and wrinkles tend to take advantage of dehydrated and thinned cells. If your skin is undernourished, then there are many things that show up much sooner than they should such as specific wrinkles like Marionette lines, nasolabial folds and crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes. Depending on how advanced these conditions are, PRP injections can slow the aging process and offer a deeper method of stimulation regarding proteins like keratin, collagen, and elastin.

PRP Provides Strength and Support—Elastin, Collagen and Keratin

Collagen accounts for thickness in the skin that we see in younger men and women that keep the surface from wrinkling since there’s enough layering in between the overactive muscle tissues responsible. Elastin contributes to the elastic quality present in the skin maintaining tightness and resistance to sagging, which is what you see in the cheeks and skin around the neck with a turkey neck.

You’ve probably come to understand those two proteins since there are lots of things on the market that push collagen-based skin care products. However, keratin is one they often leave out of skin care as it’s normally found as a hair rejuvenation ingredient. Keratin is the natural armor for your skin cells since it works in conjunction with elastin to provide bounce, but also protects the skin from external pollutants that can ruin your polished look.

If we can rebuild the skin with newly generated proteins, we’ve provided the skin with the tools needed to maintain rejuvenation from the deepest point. Also, the stronger your skin is, the less likely you’ll suffer from damage from sun exposure and other skin care treatments such as laser and chemical peels to reduce broken capillaries and pigmentation. Healthy skin heals much faster as well, and that is what you want. PRP injections can improve the internal quality of the skin that reflects in your appearance. PRP refers to platelet-rich plasma taken from your blood and filtered into this natural repair serum we use in our Vampire Facial.


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What is the Vampire Facial and how is it done?

Taking your blood is the first thing we’ll do when you come in for facial rejuvenation using PRP through the Vampire Facial method. While a vial of your blood is in the centrifuge (blood spinning device), The physician will ask you a few questions about your skin as he applied a topical anesthetic cream to sit for twenty minutes. Previously, you would have a full skin care analysis, so you and The physician understand the goal of these PRP injections. Once the PRP is filtered from your blood, the special serum is added to a syringe and he will inject the areas in your skin that need the most improvement. Patients will see slight swelling here directly following the injection, but the serum will settle and begin internal repair.

There are topical treatments that use microneedling as a way to damage the skin and refresh the face as healthy cells grow over micro-injuries. While this may help with younger skin, it’s not as effective as the injection method our physician uses to rework the unique building proteins you’ll need for volume replacement and the circulatory structures within the dermis and those supporting muscle tissues as they adhere to the bone and beyond. The improvements we see with the Vampire Facial move beyond the results that Botox, Dysport and Juvederm can provide.

By working through injections deeper than the surface or a few millimeters below, we’re able to enhance contours of the face and improve areas you may think require surgical modifications like bags under the eyes and lines around the mouth. Your skin can grow through natural means than using external products with growth factors in the blood that call on fibroblasts and organic hyaluronic acid, amino proteins and more. There are five natural growth factors in the blood that by using PRP, you won’t have to look to dermal fillers for and dermal fillers for some patients cannot reshape and reduce wrinkles or improve overall vitality in the cells.

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Other PRP Treatments include:

You should understand that these Vampire Facials using PRP are not a one-time treatment. To see the changes in your skin from hollow to full and youthful, you’ll need a series of three to six treatment that are at least 2 months apart. The physician will let you know after your skin assessment how many treatments you’ll need to see the improvements you want.

After your three to six sessions of the Vampire Facial, you’ll likely see the improvements for over two years. This is a major bonus for our patients since most facial treatments last six months to a year at best. You’ll feel these changes as well since your skin will glow and feel healthier than it has in the past.

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PRP can also be used to treat:

Erectile Dysfunction- just one treatment!! Age 70+ may need 2 treatments We have several satisfied patients.
Stress Urinary Incontinence – usually just one treatment but could need 2
Hair Restoration – 2-3 treatments
Alternative to shoulder or knee replacements
Increase Sexual Sensitivity in women – 1 treatment