What is Pelleve and how does it work?

  • Wrinkled and lax skin comes from aging and sun damage, causing collagen to become disorganized
  • Pellevé is radio frequency energy that is highly, and specifically, absorbed by water in the skin.
  • This water absorption creates heat in the dermis damaging collagen.
  • The body sees this damage as a mild burn/wound needing attention and repair as a wound-healing response.
  • In this repair process, disorganized and now damaged collagen is removed and replaced by new, organized Type 1 collagen (collagenesis), the very best collagen that each of us can produce, naturally.
  • To achieve these therapeutic levels, temperatures in the treated area and on the skin surface need to reach a temperature range of 40 to 44 degrees Celsius on the skin surface.

*Results May Vary

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How is Pelleve unique?

  • Previous technologies most commonly used high energy ‘pulses’ to achieve the same desired target temperatures in dermis. This has been done using laser, light, radiofrequency and other technologies.
  • It is this pulsed, rapidly delivered, intense high energy that creates a challenge for managing pain.
  • By comparison, Pellevé delivers radiofrequency energy ‘gradually’, rather than suddenly, while still achieving the same target temperatures on the surface of the skin and in the dermis.
  • This gradual heating allows target temperatures to be reached WITHOUT pain or even the need for anesthetics.
  • By delivering this energy gradually, and in a fluid motion, the dermis is heated more uniformly. Additionally, this fluid method of delivery sustains and prolongs therapeutic heating and delivers a soothing, comfortable experience for the patient.
  • We use an infra-red temperature gauge which allows precise monitoring of the skin as therapeutic temperatures are achieved and maintained.
  • Gradual heating, with temperature monitoring, allows for a custom therapy according to the characteristics of ‘each’ patient’s skin = EVERYONE get’s their own ‘customized’ dose needed to bring about desired changes.
  • Without numbing, gradual warming and temperature monitoring, combined with patient feedback, makes Pellevé wrinkle therapy/collagen remodeling extremely safe, while being quite reliable in producing consistent, reproducible results, patient to patient.

The Bottom line

The Vein Doctor Medical Group has partnered with Pellevé to reduce and almost eliminate pain related to aesthetic procedures. We have changed the experience of traditional skin tightening procedures to create a warm, soothing sensation often described as having a “hot-rock massage” that creates new collagen, softens wrinkles, tightens the skin while improving the tone, texture and smoothness of your skin. Dr. Greenberg is able to correct the signs of aging, all without pain. We are proud and excited to be the first to offer this groundbreaking procedure in the Coachella Valley!