• The Original Vein Doctor
    Dr. Sanford Greenberg

    First to treat large varicose veins, with the longest running Vein Practice in the Coachella Valley. The Vein Doctor is a national trainer in vein treatment techniques.
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Vein Treatments | VeinCure Method EVLT™ Sclerotherapy Rosacea

Vein Treatments

Laser Vein Treatment  Palm Desert  EVLT  Sclerotherapy Injections VeinCure Method™

Left untreated, varicose and spider veins tend to progressively worsen, making treatment options more complex. These problems are not just cosmetic – burning, itching, tingling, cramping, heaviness, fatigue, pain and discomfort are often symptoms of vein disease. Anyone experiencing symptoms of vein problems on the legs, face,

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Pelleve1 What is Pellevé and how does it work?

  • Wrinkled and lax skin comes from aging and sun damage, causing collagen to become disorganized 
  • Pellevé is radio frequency energy that is highly, and specifically, absorbed by water in the skin. 
  • This water absorption creates heat in the dermis damaging collagen. 
  • The body sees this damage as a mild burn/wound needing attention
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CO 2 Laser Skin Resurfacing


The Vein Doctor Medical Group is proud to be the first in the desert to offer the latest technology in Laser Skin Resurfacing. Now it is possible to turn back the clock and reveal beautiful, younger, healthier looking skin with Ellumine fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing. Dr. Sanford Greenberg is proud to offer his patients throughout

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Removes Fat and Tightens Skin
A slimmer, more sculpted you is possible without invasive surgery.  SmartLipo can help you achieve your desired body image, quickly and safely. Although we believe that diet and exercise are important for your overall health, we also understand that age and genetics determine the way our bodies are shaped.  Our  SmartLipo  technique will permanently

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The Original Vein Doctor - Dr. Sanford Greenberg
Diplomat American Board of Phlebology

Dr. Sanford Greenberg

Dr. Sanford Greenberg has been a practicing physician for over 30 years.He graduated from the University of Missouri of Medicine and was a Board Certified in Emergency Medicine; he practiced as an emergency physician for 18 years.  His emergency medicine career culminated in his becoming The Director of

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The Original Vein Doctor

Dr. Sanford Greenberg Diplomat American Board of Phlebology

Don't be fooled by those other vein doctors in town!  We are The Vein Doctor Medical Group, Inc. located on Monterey Ave., across the street from the Westfield Shopping Center.  Dr. Greenberg has built his reputation on treating patients suffering from unsightly varicose or spider veins, and offer effective, pain-free solutions requiring little or no recovery time.  He has performed over 5,000 successful laser vein closures, and have been chosen by Angiodynamics Laser Company to be its National Training Center for other physicians.



We specialize in non-surgical procedures such as our exclusive VeinCure Method™ for the elimination of varicose or spider veins, as well as a variety of aesthetic services such as SMARTLIPO, aimed at achieving a younger, healthier appearance. 


The advent of radiofrequency and laser technologies has made possible a range of new treatment options to combat the signs of aging. Non-surgical procedures are less invasive and do not require the extended recovery period that traditional plastic surgery demands. They also have a lower risk of complication and are more cost effective. Utilizing the most current medical technology available, coupled with integrity and the highest standards, is what has kept The Vein Doctor Medical Group an industry pioneer and leader for over 16 years.

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